Personal Development Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)

All students in Years 7-10 complete the NSW syllabus in Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. In devising the program, the PDHPE Department has ensured it meets the requirements of the Board of Studies while providing students with fun, challenging and worthwhile learning experiences across a variety of activities.

Students complete 16 theoretical components that cover a wide range of important topics relating to health, lifestyle, nutrition, first aid, relationships and decision-making.

One key goal is to improve student understanding of why fitness is important in their daily life, how it can be measured and ways to improve their current fitness level. To this end, we also host three whole-school carnivals each year in Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletics. In addition, we include over 25 different sports and activities based modules in our Years 7-10 practical curriculum.

In Years 9-10, the Physical Activity and Sports Studies Course is a fantastic Elective for students to choose. The aim is to provide students with an interest in this area the chance to further their studies in both practical and theoretical components. Where possible, opportunities are provided for students to learn theory concepts in a practical setting.  The units covered over the two years are based upon anatomy and physiology, fitness, nutrition, coaching, Australia’s sporting identity, event management, and issues in sport including technology.  In both Year 9 and 10 there is a unit called Sports Smorgasbord, which is a practical unit. Activities are varied in nature and involve using the schools facilities as well as those of the local community. By the end of this elective, students will have had the opportunity to develop advanced skills in health and activity related areas and provide those with interests and aspirations in such fields a sound foundation for further studies. The course also serves as a good introduction for those students wishing to do the senior PDHPE course.

In Years 11-12, students can study PDHPE to Higher School Certificate level. This is a fantastic course that contains stimulating and challenging content. It is different to but builds on the content of the junior courses. The type of student who would be encouraged to study this course includes students who have an interest in the human body and health and/or who are interested in pursuing careers in the medical field (eg nurse, physiotherapist, alternative medicine, ambulance officer, dietician), sports science, human movement field, sports management or administration, PDHPE teaching, the fitness industry (eg personal trainer) and health promotion.