Teaching & Learning - Preparation for Life

Our classrooms follow the Australian curriculum through the New South Wales Board of Studies’ syllabuses. Students at Arndell Anglican College experience a formalised curriculum in Years 7-8. In Years 9-10 they are given significant options to further pursue interests, leading them to make important subject selections for Years 11-12.

The Secondary School at Arndell Anglican College seeks to create a learning environment that is characterised by:

  •     Innovative teaching and learning strategies
  •     Differentiated curriculum
  •     Integration of ICT through individual laptops and interactive smart boards in rooms
  •     A broad range of assessment to cater to the various student learning styles
  •     Extended learning situations open to students 7 – 12 including extra afternoon classes for Mathematics
  •     Transition programs for student moving from Stage 3 to Stage 4