Values and Mission / Strategic Intent

Our Ethos and Vision

Our Purpose

Learning through Christ

Our College

The school of choice in the Hawkesbury, serving God, our students, families and staff by providing a high quality and affordable education in a caring Christian learning community.

Our Students

Students of Arndell Anglican College graduate with:

  •     Knowledge of the Christian faith
  •     A developed understanding of who they are and what they believe
  •     Pathways to success in their lives and the contemporary world
  •     A desire to add to the character of their community

We Value  

  •     Our shared Christian faith
  •     A culture of lifelong learning
  •     An open and respectful community
  •     Our connectedness to the Hawkesbury region

Our Vision   

  •     An authentic Christian educational community
  •     A rigorous, well-balanced and comprehensive education
  •     Genuine care for our students
  •     A committed member of the Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation

Our Strategic Intent

Our Goal 

To know who we are as a community and to do what we do really well.

Our Strategy 

The Christian Mission of the College 

Aim - To serve God throughout College life

Desired Outcomes

  •     We communicate the Gospel consistently
  •     We thoroughly integrate our Mission focus into the daily life and routines of the College
  •     We encourage our community to grow into the full stature of maturity in Christ

Leadership, Vision and Communication

Aim - To build, articulate and enact a culture of leadership and learning

  •     We are effectively and efficiently led
  •     We share aspirations for our students and the College
  •     We speak and act in concert

Student Achievement

Aim - To provide our students with opportunities to flourish

  •     We deliver a high quality education shaped by the Bible
  •     We align our curriculum and co-curriculum to the ethos and vision of the College
  •     We produce consistently strong value-added results for our students

Staff Professionalism

Aim - To nurture a staff  culture that is prayerful, biblical, relational, intentional, targeted, professional and creative

  •     We are a goal-setting community
  •     We use our God-given gifts to promote the learning outcomes of our students
  •     We are supported by focused and collaborative professional learning

College Reputation

Aim - To become the school of choice in the Hawkesbury

  •     The Hawkesbury community affirms the quality and affordability of an Arndell Anglican College education
  •     We achieve the premier Higher School Certificate results in our region
  •     We consistently achieve our desired growth

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